Ron Millington



Currently, Mr. Millington works as a Geo-Political Consultant in the areas of Security and Strategic Planning, he also served in the U.S. Armed Forces where he received the Global War on Terrorism service Medal and a former Department of Homeland Security Tactical Law Enforcement Officer.

Born to Trinidadian parents he spent most of his childhood and summers in Diego Martin with his family. As an adult he started a consultancy business and established himself in the Security Management arena by providing advisory support to private and public institutions. 

He attended South Carolina State University and Florida International University, and received a B.A. in Criminal Justice, with a concentration in Law Enforcement Systems, Human Trafficking and Community Policing. Mr. Millington has over 15 years of experience in Maritime Security Operations, High Risk Drug Interdiction and Urban Law Enforcement Strategies. As a government consultant, he developed and implemented proven strategies to reduce crime and improve government accountability.